5 Tips to Stay Healthy and Happy During Any Transition Period

Having trouble staying physically and mentally healthy during difficult times of transition?

Are you stuck, unsure of yourself, unable to come to terms with how the world is working, and eagerly looking to create a ‘new’ normal?

Well, you are not alone.

Times of change can be challenging, stressful, and uncertain. There is no doubt about that.

However, don’t forget that with every adversity comes opportunities.

You can use this period of transition to transform yourself for the better by making conscious positive choices each day.

Wondering how you can do just that?

Here are 5 tips:

  1. Follow a Routine

Sure, you would have definitely heard this before. But did you go through with it?

It is imperative that you do.

Draft a timetable and take one day at a time. This will give you a sense of normality and boost productivity. So, make it a point to get up each day, shower, change clothes, and make a to-do list.

Remember to break up your day, avoid burnout, and change your environment for various activities.

  1. Take Good Care of Your Body

You can easily slip into bad habits during transition periods, negatively affecting your health.

Eating nutritious food, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, and exercising daily can go a long way in keeping you happy as well as healthy.

Make it a point to do indoor workouts, meditate, and try the new recipes that you have always wanted to.

Plus, limit your alcohol intake. While a glass or two won’t hurt remember to not over indulge.

  1. Connect With Others

We are social animals and periods of isolation can exacerbate helplessness, anxiety, and depression.

Hence, staying in touch with loved ones – friends and family – is vital. It can not only uplift you but also provide a sense of meaning.

  1. Unwind

Catch up on your favorite TV series that you have missed, read, and explore the personal projects that you have always wanted to do. In simple words, relax.

Remember to set strict limits to your work and media intake.

  1. Extend a Helping Hand to Those in Need

Apart from staying positive and being grateful for all that you have, do your best to help others.

Be it by donating your time and/or money, running errands, getting supplies, or providing social support. It will not only make you happy but will make a substantial difference in someone else’s life as well.

So, what are you waiting for?

Apply the above-mentioned five tips to adapt to change and make the most of the transition period.

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I’m Chantal Smith, personal life coach, motivator, and guide on your journey to lasting personal growth and change.