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Showing Up Badass!

I accidentally or not stumbled upon a song recently,in which Jon Bellion says, “We live in an age where everything is staged, where all we do is fake our feelings”; the rest of the song didn’t resonate with me, but that part of the song hit me deeply. Not sure how it got on my playlist, but clearly, I was supposed to hear it in order to write this blog!

For real, look around, people are so obsessed with false appearances these days, let’s call it a window dressing. Most times, we transfer the act into our emotional relationships as well.

When we dive into the dating pool, we dive in with the version of ourselves that we think our partner would like. We don’t go in with our absolute badass and unapologetic selves. This is true, especially us ladies. We put ourselves in a box that we think is ideal for our partner. When we do that, we are depriving our potential partner the opportunity to experience the whole awesomeness we have to offer. Shrinking one’s self isn’t the purpose of a relationship, the purpose of it is for us to blossom and grow in love.

If you want to be desired by the right kind of person– you need to embrace your badass self and wear it proudly. Building a false image of you for anyone is not the best foundation to build a solid relationship on, it means setting yourself up for ghosting when they discover the truth. All you need to do to make someone desire you is to know yourself and be yourself. It’s important to reveal all your imperfections right from the start because it’s okay to be imperfect. There is no need to hide because you deserve to be accepted wholly. You deserve to show up as the badass queen that you are; with both the good and the bad.

People look down on their authentic selves because they think it’s flawed, but the reason why you’re a badass is because you are flawed.

Another way to be uber desirable is to always show up confident. Confidence is the ultimate turn on – it’s sexy and it’s badass. Confidence makes all the difference in the world; with the confidence you can win before doing a single thing. Have you ever seen someone walk into a room and everyone stopped and looked to the doorway? Yup – they felt their aura immediately. That’s confidence. Confidence is not thinking you’re better than anyone; confidence is the way you dress, walk, talk, and your belief in yourself.

Your authentic self is your truth, it’s your whole essence put together. When you show up, always express your authentic self in a kind and compassionate way. The REAL YOU is the only version that matters. Don’t create multiple versions of yourself (that’s exhausting) just because you think your authentic self isn’t “good enough” or is “too much” for someone to handle. Give them that handful, and let them decide.

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