Read each of the statements below and score them with the number from 1 to 5 that describes most clearly how true the sentence is for you in your life right. 1 meaning not ready at all 5 meaning I am READY NOW!

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1. I am willing to make changes in my life that may be beyond my comfort zone.


2. I’ll be open-minded and try new concepts, ways of looking at things, ideas, and exercises.


3. I am honestly willing to do the work required of me.


4. I am willing to let the coach do the coaching.


5. I am punctual and will be able to make all my appointments with a coach.


6. I will be completely open and honest with the coach even if at times it’s uncomfortable for me.


7. I will tell the coach if I am not getting what I need from the coaching and will inform
what I want to achieve through the coaching partnership.


8. I will be truthful to myself and my coach.


9. I have sufficient funds to pay for coaching, see the value in the coaching, and will not
regret signing up for coaching services.


10. I am ready and willing to make changes in my behavior and thinking patterns that may be
obstacles to my success.