Hi, my name is Chantal Smith, nice to meet you!

I’m a personal life coach, motivator, and guide on your journey to lasting personal growth and change.

Since 2013, I’ve been working with clients to help them unlock their Superpowers – to find and unleash the drive and confidence that propels them to achieving their life dreams. Everyone has a Superpower! I’m here to help you find it, activate it and use it to achieve your ultimate goals and dreams.

Superpower – A unique ability within you that allows you to achieve success

I already know one thing about you. You want to change something in your life. You want to achieve big things. Or maybe you want to overcome bad habits and negative choices. You are looking for meaning and purpose in your life. And you wouldn’t mind making a little more money, too! And why not? This is your life and I can help you make the best of it.

How do I do this?

I massively transformed my own life. Many years ago I was a young single mother with two sons and very few prospects. I had no confidence and very little support.

Today I earn six figures for a major Human Resources firm doing a job I love. My sons are successful young men and I own a beautiful home in Toronto. A dream come true!

The journey wasn’t easy, and there were hard lessons along the way. But my success can be your success. One thing I learned about myself is that I am passionate about helping others. My superpower is my ability to see the potential in people and to bring out the best. I don’t see victims, I see survivors. I see people who can overcome the walls of defensiveness and victimhood to become champions of their own life.

Honing in on your superpower is the doorway to your own personal journey toward health and personal growth. And we’ll take this journey together – one step at a time.

Up Close and Personal

My journey from desperate, delusional and needy to motivated, energized and strong was very long but incredible.

Like many people, my life had challenges and failures. In my case they included abuse, depression and unhealthy habits. My biggest obstacle was my low self esteem. I had no faith that I was capable of more. But as a mother of two young boys, I knew I had to make changes in my life in order to be the mother I wanted to be – the best.

Choice is a powerful gift, and a mighty tool. The wonderful changes I experienced when I started to make positive choices were truly a metamorphosis.

I lost 80 pounds. I turned my back on destructive relationships. I got into shape. And I went from depending on government assistance to earning a six-figure income.

But my journey didn’t end there. I wanted to learn everything I could about personal motivation – what it takes to help people achieve their highest potential.

I’ve devoted my life to personal growth earning several life coaching certifications, as well as credentials in stress management, employee productivity, conflict management, fierce conversations, executive coaching and personal training.

Most important for me now is to share what I’ve learned, to help others achieve their own goals.

I want to help people discover their own superpower.

Superpower – A unique ability within you that allows you to achieve success

Why you want to work with me

Coaching Credentials

I have gone through extensive training that builds on my experience and strong commitment to helping people.  I am a Personal Life Strategies Coach and hold professional designations as a Life Coach Practitioner and Executive Coach Practitioner through the Certified Coaches Federation (CCF). I also graduated from the Life Mastery and Hypnolinguistics programs at CCF.

As the creator of “Unlocking Your Superpower” – I will teach you, guide you and stand beside you as you learn how to unlock yours!

Superpower – A unique ability within you that allows you to achieve success

This journey takes work and it’s not an overnight fix. But if you want a happier, more fulfilling life, you need to find your superpower and activate it.

I will give you my guidance, experience and unique tools to do just that.

As well as our regularly scheduled visits, I provide time for weekly check-ins or quick chats. When you feel like you’re slipping and falling behind, I will be there to guide you back on the road to becoming the best you possible.