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Why I Wake Up at 4 A.M. and You Should Too

Every morning you wake up, you lay in bed, and you think about the day ahead. You have two choices to make: You can stay in bed with your dreams, or you can wake up and chase them. While staying in bed might sound appealing at first, think about the version of you that you would like to be. How do you get there?

The most powerful choice you can make is to start the day off bright and early at 4 A.M. You might be thinking, “but what about getting enough sleep?” Many studies support waking up at 4 A.M. and indicate people feel more rested. Countless successful people swear by it. Here’s why I think you should give yourself the best chance to accomplish those dreams by starting your day at 4 A.M. too.

You can develop better habits and improve your day-to-day productivity.

Your morning routine is what helps set the tone for your day. The first thing you should do is wake up and plan out what you would like or need to accomplish for the day. Create a clear path to efficiently complete your tasks earlier in the day. Becoming a more productive person in the morning leaves you with enough time to take care of yourself. You’ll be able to work out, meditate, or even eat breakfast without rushing or worrying about not having enough time.

You will have more focus and clarity.

The power of waking up early and feeling accomplished can help you concentrate more clearly on your day ahead. By waking up early, you’ll have the peace and quiet of the morning to breathe and focus on the intentions of your day with no interruptions. That bonus time you give yourself by waking up at 4 A.M. will bring you new perspectives and a fresher outlook on your day and your life.

 You can get half of your tasks done before the world wakes up.

Let’s imagine you set your alarm regularly to get the most out of your sleep. You regularly wake up at the last minute, rushing to get everyone ready, frantically making your way to work, forgetting breakfast, forgetting essentials for your day. You likely feel stressed and on edge because you did not even give yourself enough time to prepare for the day. You probably left chores on your to-do list, and by the time you get home, those tasks seem dreadful to take on. By waking up at 4 A.M., you give yourself a few extra hours to lay out your day with purpose and efficiency. Having a clear plan and spare time allows you to complete any chores around the house, get yourself and your family ready, and practice self-care. Crush those goals before the rest of the world even hits the snooze button on their alarms.

You will show up powerfully in your relationships.

You have to show up for yourself before you can show up for others. When you take care of yourself by starting the day off on the right foot, you will have less weight of what would have lingered if you had not gotten up early to knock things off that list. Stress-free and overall proud of yourself, you can show up for those you love.

You have more time for yourself and your family.

Taking on some of those tasks early on in your day leaves you with more time later so that you can dedicate time and positive energy to your partner, your children, or yourself. Having the ability to spend time with those who are important to you with no looming deadlines or unfinished tasks is unmatchable.

You become overall a happier person.

Accomplishing all you set out to do during the day can make you feel like you can take on anything and be unstoppable. It’s natural to feel generally happier and leave you with a positive outlook on your future. Every day you wake up early, you will notice that the stress you felt before is melting away. You’ll begin to feel less tension when interacting with others. You are taking the world on and winning. Enjoy it.

I challenge you to give waking up at 4 A.M. a chance. Start by making small gradual changes to make it easier. Set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier every day. Once you get to 4.M., give it 30 days. Write in a journal about your overall feelings and what you accomplish over those 30 days. You will start to see the effects on your mind, body, and soul; you’ll feel like a brand-new person. I guarantee you will never sleep in again.


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